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Are you really awake?


How many times have you heard the words, ‘you have to change’ I know I have heard them several times over the years. Very frustrating!!

Yes, there are many things we can change about ourselves, our work, our lifestyle the list goes on and on. We could really dissect every inch of ourselves and come up with a list as long as your arm.

The number of clients I have had spend a great part of their lives wishing they could change, wishing they could have changed the past, and living a life of guilt, fear, and anger because they cannot go back and change anything.

A great deal of professionals make millions of dollars every year ‘helping’ people deal with the changes they did not make in the past.

WAKE UP PEOPLE you cannot change the past……..all you can change is how you feel about your past and how you look at your past.  Learn from your past experiences.  Yes, experience NOT a mistake…..


I know……. There are several things in my past I wish I had done differently and I spent a lot of years full of guilt and regret, then one day I woke up and realized the only person who was even thinking about my past was me.  The only person hurting about my past was me.  My past was affecting my present.  When you think about it is all we have, and we ruin the present all the time by reacting emotionally to the past.

What I would suggest for you to do is enjoy the day one minute at a time, then 1 hour at a time, and then move from there.

Some people out there can decide to make a change, wake up, and move on it happens to them immediately.  Others however take more time before they can start to feel good.

Whatever it is for you – it is ok.

Also, it is okay to be happy, there is no guilt needed because you are feeling good.

Life is way too short to keep reliving one part over and over I am sure that is not your life purpose.!!!

There are a multitude of quotes, advice, and things you can follow to help you through your past.  One thing I would always recommend is to watch what you eat and drink.

The best thing I would recommend is watching funny movies, being around positive people, and learning to laugh a lot.  The chemical change in your brain when you laugh and feel good will help with your overall mood.

Make your choice today and ‘wake up’ to a wonderful present and future…….


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