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Benefits of Tapping

Benefits of Tapping

The human body runs most efficiently when all its functions are as balanced as possible. While a perfect balance is usually not always the case, you can come close when you take steps to maintain emotional and physical issues. For many people suffering with emotional problems, stress and physical disease are contributing factors. Emotional pressures bring about disease and physical distress, and in some cases dangerous occurrences like heart attacks and brain aneurysms. Learning more about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) like tapping can help you find the way to peace and lifelong tranquility, health and happiness.


 Tapping, Natural Emotional Support

Tapping is a technique that is growing more popular in the holistic community every day and for good reason. Tapping involves the same pressure points targeted in acupuncture, an ancient form of alternative therapy used by the Chinese for centuries. Every point is located at the end or at the beginning of a meridian point and is related to a particular organ. For example, anger is linked to the liver. In tapping, every meridian is associated with a particular emotion. Meridians, channels that energy flow through, are an important aspect of both tapping and acupuncture. The same meridians are also important in acupressure as well.

 Meridians And Inner Energy Flow

By applying tapping pressure to certain meridians, you can release meridian energy and help to realign the Qi, the line of universal energy that runs throughout the body. Bear in mind that in the event the Qi is disrupted, an illness or disease can occur. Realigning the flow of energy in your body can help you to feel healthier and more emotionally balanced.

 Living and Coping With Stress

Living without the occurrence of unnecessary disease is a great benefit of tapping. You may be surprised to learn how many physical problems can be completely avoided by maintaining emotional calmness. Stress has been found to be the root cause of serious conditions like heart disease. The onset of diabetes in many people is created through pressuring stress. Remaining healthy and avoiding these kinds of conditions starts with you learning the art of natural healing and preventative care of tapping.

 Managing Angry Emotions

Anger management has become a household word in today’s society. While this is a sad fact, you should know that anger creates emotional and physical stress on the body that can be dangerous. Learning to soothe anger is easier when you are able to tap the pressure point associated with it and become calmer without anger management classes, psychiatric counseling, and/or pharmaceutical drugs. Your health is in your hands and tapping can help you experience great and beneficial peace and happiness, even in the face of circumstances that can make you angry and severely upset.

 Tapping and Anxiety and Depression Drugs

While the benefits of medication are great and obvious, millions of people have become dependent on drugs for anxiety and depression. These drugs can carry serious side effects that cause even more emotional troubles. Spending time on yourself and reaching into your inner self can help you control your emotions, and tapping can promote the inner flow of energy that is essential for an even emotional and physical balance.

As an additional resource, Nick Ortner created has produced a documentary about tapping called “The Tapping Solution”. Ortner’s discoveries are revolutionary and nothing short of amazing.  You can visit for more information on the film.

 Remember stress, anger, and emotional unrest can be managed and balanced resulting in a happier, healthier life. Through EFT and tapping, you can reach your highest potential for emotional well-being and do so without drugs and their harsh side effects.



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