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Easy ways to handle grief

Grief has a way of affecting us when we least expect it. Grief can affect us not only over death but also over breakups, losing a house, or a great friend or pet.


Losing our close friends, relatives, and partners, can take its toll on any of us.

How do you explain when someone takes their own life? How do you explain when an accident takes someone who had everything to live for?. How do you explain a stillborn baby?. All are tragic and all affect us in different ways.

I was speaking with a client today who had a loss a few months back which was not expected, they were left to deal with the estate and the sale of the property. The property was sold this week and with that sale, some family members are feeling a sense of loss again.

A reminder things are final and dealing with closure is tough. I know this personally as dealing with my Father and Grandmothers’s death was overwhelming for me, I explain this in more detail in my book.

One day when I was in a Funeral home I went into one of the rooms which was set up for a service. The open casket was already there even though the service was not for another couple of hours. I looked at the person, who I did not know, I still felt the loss and the grief the family must be feeling, the person looked young and I do not know the circumstances of their passing but it was still sad and still affected me.

If we allow all of these sad feelings for others to affect us without dealing with them we will one day wake up with overwhelming sadness and not realize why.

I encourage all my clients to tap every day on what makes them sad, angry, fearful, and anxious no matter how small. Small things build into big things and when they reach the stage of being overwhelming we then become in a state of unease and dis-ease.

As I tap on myself today because of the sadness for so many attending funerals and hearing of deaths today I know I will release what is not mine.

Let go of others’ grief and sadness so you can recognize your own thoughts and feelings.

Keep tapping and using EFT or any other modality you are familiar with, do not let it build up.



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