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Grief – A Double-Edged Sword

Prince, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Victoria Wood, Anthony Bordain to name but a few amazing people who have died and left us all wondering……..

Although many of us have not met these individuals we feel very close to them as they were part of our lives for many years. Providing us with great memories.

They live on in their songs and quotes, tv shows and books which are always with us.

Social Media has a big part in reminding and informing us about these great people. Constantly a reminder of our great loss.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?


Grief is a very strong emotion and has several different stages which for some can take many years to go through, for many they get stuck in one of the stages.

Social media sharing allows everyone to share grief which can, in some cases, help to know there are others going through what you are going through also a place to openly share how you feel and what you would like to say about that person or to the person.

The double-edged sword however is some of us may not be prepared emotionally to open up our timeline feed and be reminded the person they are grieving is no longer here.

Celebrities are people we either love or hate but we cannot help but read about them, feel the loss and grieve in our own way for that loss. It is a trigger for evoking grief within us for our own personal loved ones, which can bring all the grief gushing back again.

I remember when Princess Diana died, the same year as my father. My grief was overwhelming for her two boys who had lost their mother, as I was still grieving my father it all became one feeling which at times was too much for me.

Unfortunately when we are reading on social media or watching a video we may be alone and have nobody there to comfort us when we re-act to the posts. Therefore coping with the grief is harder.

How do celebrities affect you when they die?

Sometimes I get very angry especially if pharmaceutical drugs are involved as I feel it could be avoided and these wonderful people would still be contributing to our society.

  1. Prepare yourself for what you will see on social media

  2. Find someone you can talk to face to face and hug and share emotions

  3. Understand there are 5 stages of grief to get through (not everyone)

  4. Seek professional help from a grief counselor

  5. Stay away from social media and the news if it gets too much for you

  6. Understand what triggers your emotional response so you can be more in control

Losing a loved one whoever that may be is not easy and everyone copes in their own way, individual to YOU!

If you need help then please reach out to me, you are not alone.



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