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Have we regressed back to picture talking?

Have you noticed people can talk in whole sentences using just emojis? I wrote about this a few years ago and also gave talks on it and I think it is worth mentioning again.

You hear so many adults complaining about the younger generation not being able to spell or use grammar correctly. Well, I would like you to give some thought to the following.

Most people are learning things through videos, they use videos in schools, and also when anyone wants to know something they Youtube it instead of using google. Youtube shows you how to do things and on google, you have to read things.

Therefore if you are learning through video education you are not seeing the written word and therefore spelling and grammar are not things you are seeing as regularly before video learning.

When it comes to texting which most of the younger generation do constantly they use emojis or voice text again no need to spell or learn grammar.

Please also do not forget spellcheck, there is no reason for anyone to learn how to spell when you can use Grammarly and spellcheck.

In the future with AI and voice commands for everything the generations moving forward will have no need to write at all.

Therefore if you are someone who complains about the young, not spelling please remember they are not being taught how to spell they are being taught about the technology and how to use it and invent it.

I am not saying this is a good thing however it is something to think about don’t you think?



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