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How do you manage Change?

There are so many ways to start a New Year and quite a lot of people start with making resolutions, goals, and promises that they are going to keep.

Most of these people will not follow through on what they think they want to achieve.  Why is it people wait until the start of a New Year to make changes?

Change happens to us every day, life happens.  Some things are under our control and some things we have no control over at all.  Therefore making a change for self-development should be done regularly.  At least every 3 months at a minimum.


A good way to start is to evaluate monthly and reflect on where you are going and where you have been.  I know with some of my clients we will reflect on a weekly basis making sure we are on the right track and if you are not on the right track what needs to be done.

The reason people do not keep to the plan is that we all have patterns and habits which we need to be aware of so we can change them.

Some of these changes are deep-rooted in our energy system and our brain channels.  Some you fight to hold onto and don’t want to let go because you don’t know how to live without that feeling.   Change is very scary and fearful.

Getting help to facilitate change will be the first step to overcoming your habits and your fears.

Remember change is necessary and we live with it every day of our lives.

Helen Vella



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