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Meridian Energy Healing

Meridian Energy Healing is a powerful way to clear blocked and trapped emotions in your meridian system.

One modality is Emotional Freedom Techniques  (EFT)     which I use daily myself teach my clients and regularly host workshops.    There are also Emotional Codes, Healing Codes, Emotrance and a whole host of other modalities.

Holistic methods for healing are effective and long lasting mostly with little or no side effects.

What I notice is that in general individuals are looking for alternatives to traditional healing methods such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, EFT, NLP and so on ALL are amazing in my opinion.

Informing your practitioner of the other treatments you are using is essential as too much of a good thing will not allow the body to assimilate everything all at once. This can result in you feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, and generally out of sorts.

The body and energy system needs time to integrate the toxic release before the next treatment.

thoughts are energy

Some of the treatments can be done back to back but it is always wise when making your appointments to tell all practitioners when you are having the sessions so they can be spaced accordingly for optimum results.

Holistic healing is amazing, the body heals itself, and using the aid of professional people to teach and use all the modalities you cannot be anything but helpful to your conditions.



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