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Natural Anti Biotic

With so many people allergic to anti biotics and also all the side effects from taking anti biotics it is nice to know there is a natural one that can be taken.        

You may be surprised to learn that prior to World War II, the most powerful antibiotic, antibacterial and anti-fungal substance was silver! Yes, the same kind of silver that your jewelry or silverware is made from, but it was ground up into small particles and suspended in a fluid. Today this is called Colloidal Silver (CS). (A colloid is defined as a particle of something that is so small it can float in suspension in a liquid without sinking to the bottom or floating to the top. Because of its tiny particle size, it is easily assimilated by the body.)

It was a doctors’ most useful potion because it killed over 650 different illness-causing organisms – bacteria, viruses and fungi. But, there were problems with it………Only The Wealthy Could Afford It.

During the plague in London it was found that the rich who ate with silver were less likely to contract the plague.  The poor however could not afford anything silver and therefore most of the people who died of the plague were the poor.

This forgotton natural anti biotic has mixed reviews – being informed and knowing the time to use it and how much to use is the key.

I have used Silver for many years and it is fast acting, safe and very effective.  I would always choose a natural remedy given the choice.


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