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Springing Forward

Spring is  time for growth and a time for new things.  Warmer weather, longer days and being outside.  What is it about the change from cold weather to warmer weather that also changes our mood, motivation and lives?   


I personally don’t like the cold at all, and I know there are people get sad

which is a real illness, I know because I used to feel that way every winter, which is why I now live in a warm climate all year round.

Spring is a time to re-assess what you want for the year ahead, when we decide what we want in January we are coming from a place of a New Year and pressure from all over to make goals and life changing things happen.   Now is a time to reflect and look at what you planned in January and see if it is still a fit for you right now.

Also this is the time when most people have forgot what they planned in January or have given up because things are not turning out the way they thought.

So ask yourself are you springing forward or are you still an hour behind?

You get out of the world what you put into it.


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