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Words are very Powerful!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023


We see the above quote many times across social media platforms and I am wondering if anyone is actually doing this. We see it but do we actually read and think about it?

Overhearing people in public talking to each other does not inspire me to think that most people are using these principles.

Especially when talking to children words are so powerful and although your child will always love you no matter how you treat them or what you say to them they may not love themselves.

When the people you love are depressed, anxious, stressed, or have low self-esteem and confidence have you in any way contributed to this at any point in their lives?  One word, one sentence said years ago which you have forgotten can be why this person is acting or feeling the way that they do.

Some of the words said to me in my younger days still stick with me now.  Some are positive and some are negative.  All of them however have me reflect on what was meant by those words at the time.

Although you are not responsible for how people react to your words empathy should be part of your communication style to judge how your words are perceived and interpreted.  Were they interpreted how you meant them?  If not then correct it immediately and not have the person hang onto those words for decades to come.  Something you did not know you said affected them.

Take a few seconds to think before you react to someone with an answer and also think about how you are judging and complimenting each other.

Words are powerful so choose yours wisely.   If you have been affected by words spoken to you and are still mulling them over and it is stressing you please consider talking to a professional.



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