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What People are Saying

Helen is such an impactful person. Her coaching abilities, professionalism, patience and knowledge is out of this world. She really takes the time to build rapport her client and make a personal connection with them to understand where they currently are and where they want to go. Helen has a way of understanding what we think and feel without mentioning a word. I definitely recommend Helen for all business professionals or any individual who has a goal in mind, wants to improve or grow in a personal way.

Helen is a phenomenal coach. She is very great at spotting the things that are getting in the way and providing solutions to better move forward. I met her a couple years through networking. I became familiar with some of her expertise over time. During the pandemic we worked together. She was my business coach. And she helped with coping with other areas of life like work and family integration. She has definitely elevated my mindset to weather and thrive in these though times. I would highly recommend her to friends, families, and fellow entrepreneurs.

I have known Helen for over ten years and was fortunate to meet her through a personal friend. Initially I contacted Helen for coaching regarding health and nutrition needs which she not only offered a wealth of books and materials to read, her hands on counseling approach was fantastic. Helen’s has a well developed skill set for one on one attention and has amazing communication abilities. Throughout the years I have availed myself of her multiple skills sets to great success. From mental health counseling, nutrition, career development, relationship counseling, networking skills, and so on — trust Helen to be your go to resource.

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