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Stories of Self-Made Millionaire Kids.

I was thinking the other day about the youth of today.  They seem to be much more inventive and creative.  The amount of teenage and young millionaires seems to be on the increase.  This then got me thinking about the education system and whether it is really teaching anything to these wonderful people.

My point is.….. should we be changing the way we teach kids today in schools, at home, in sports etc.  The mindset of the young today is used to an ever-changing world, they easily cope with change and differences.


However they are under so much pressure at school to get good academic grades and the stress of this and all the work and homework they do, plus the added stress of all the violence and bullying that goes on in schools is overwhelming for most of them.

The young are left to entertain themselves with all the technology and what it has to offer.  They learn from the internet (good and bad) which right now is a major influence in their lives.

We as humans model behavior from others.   If our behavior is being molded by the internet, which is a major influence in the lives of many, then should we not be changing the education and parenting styles to accommodate this model.

We can learn so much from the young and unfortunately, most of them are not given a voice. Parents and teachers don’t give these young people the credit they deserve.

I was watching an episode of Shark Tank on the tv and a 10-year-old boy came on with an idea he had about making dog treats.  He baked them himself and sold them to his neighbors and friends.  He went to the Sharks for investment money so he could expand as he could not keep up with supply and demand.  The Sharks invested in him and he now has an amazing business.


What can the school offer this 10-year-old?   What can the 10-year-old offer the school should be the question?  We could all learn from him.

Kids as young as 2 years old can find their way around a tablet and phone surely this tells society that we have a different type of human learning and we need to accommodate this.

The rise in suicides and the rise in violence in young people is growing at a scary rate.  Depression is on the rise and I am sure most of it could be eradicated if we were to listen and engage these kids in their world and not keep flogging them with the old world.

If you are around children of any age listen to them and learn from them they have so much to offer, the only difference between them and you is life experience the brain is the same.

Top Ten Millionaire Kids by Shawn Larson……



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