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Your Attitude to change

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Have you ever thought how much Your attitude has to do with it?

Having moved often from ono country to the next I found the transitions quite smooth, exciting  with an added amount of stress also. The reason for this is, I have moved lock, stock and barrel before, from Scotland to England, England to Australia and back to England  then the USA and I knew to do quite a few things ahead of time to make the move easier. There is a lot to think about when you and your family move, some things to consider housing, schools, employment, visas the list can go on and on depending on your circumstances.

One thing I know for sure whch is a great asset and investment is if you have someone ‘in the know’ to help and guide you along.  Someone who understands the difference in culture, how to pronounce things, where to go.  Where to get the best buys. This will cut down a lot of time, money and stress.

Interesting Stress Facts

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  1. 7 out of 10 people’ suffer from stress

  2. 55% of lost work days are stress related

  3. 80% of industrial accidents are due to stress

  4. 43% of adults suffer adverse health effects because of stress

Stress is a bigger risk to the health of the population than cigarette smoking, high cholesterol foods and alcohol.

Moving is one of the top most stressful things you can do, moving state or country increases the stress up the ladder even more.  If you are moving because of a divorce or family separation then the stress moves up the ladder even further.

One of my clients moved to Orlando from the UK with 2  children, the transition for him was fine because he was transferred by his employer.  For the wife and children however things were quite different.  They chose to follow their father and husband and therefore had to transition into new schools, new neighbors. Considering all family members is key to the success of your move and integration.

Another one of my clients moved and bought a business and his challenges were trying to find out how to promote his business, where was the best  place to live for commuting. Where to Network, how to market, what marketing tools worked best for his product. Research before moving is crucial for a succesful transition.

Whatever type of transition you are anticipating there is help out there for you if you know where to find it.

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know and therefore do not know what questions to ask or who to ask them of.

You may not have moved from another state or another country but your transition could be a recent divorce, recently married, or just had a child these are all major life changes and cause stress and anxiety. You may have been promoted, demoted, bought a business, or selling a business. You could be approaching retirement. All transitions that can cause anxiety, stress, and confusion.

Preparation can ease the stress, getting professionals to guide and help, good attorneys, realtors, business coach, life coaches.   Please remember


I have found that a large % of my clients are women approaching 50 or are in their early 50’s some of these women are facing major transitions in their life.  Some of them feel life is over and how are they going to cope in to-days world alone.

Grief over losing a loved one or pet can be a very challenging and lonely time for anyone.

There is always a stress factor, a learning experience, or a challenge to overcome.

Getting the right help, research and Your attitude is what will determine how much stress you are going through.

I’m here to help……


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